You’re the (co)founder of a start-up and are looking for investors, you’re building a campaign to get your first customers. You’re meeting a lot of people, covering many miles on foot, on the underground, in the car, by air or train, and want to speed up your search and generate increased attention for your project. You want to respond effectively to the objections of people who say:

iconmonstr-quote-5-32   The idea is good, but…


RateAndGo: the rating service

RateAndGo will help you, free of charge, to remove these obstacles to establishing initial relations:

  • by correctly targeting your needs (sector of activity, business model, etc.) according to your stage of development;
  • by benchmarking the quality of execution of your project against the reference standard of good start-upper practices, drawn up by the RateAndGo analysts, to inspire confidence of potential investors in the project. The questionnaire takes into account the stage of development of your start-up so don’t panic! We don’t expect the same degree of rigour from a start-up looking for starter funding as for a start-up looking for development capital.


How to use the service?

This exercise requires you to:

speech-bubble-28-32  Fill in a questionnaire of around 50 questions;

video-camera-1-32  Record your pitch using our video recording tool.

The RateAndGo passport issued to you will help to arouse your curiosity about some of the grey areas in your business model, and find new ingredients you can add to it to help you progress. You can update your questionnaire whenever you like!

If your rating is above 60%, the RateAndGo passport can be used to communicate your financial and operational capacities to investors and Corporate Accounts. Basically, the passport will help you promote your start-up’s image!


Download a specimen RateandGo passport



The questionnaire is a little long but it helped us review our whole project by emphasising or highlighting the points that need to be improved. The questions are relevant and the process is well designed.
Free and easy to use, the RateandGo questionnaire has helped us structure our company, by focusing on successful products and success factors, and by showing us the steps we still need to take.
The questions asked are very relevant for an initial approach, I can see just what I’m missing! A good checklist.