The book by Alexandre Steiner and Matthieu Vetter “Start-ups explained to your boss” (Les start-up expliquées à mon boss) was published at the end of 2016. Tackling the delicate matter of relationships between large companies and start-ups, its 138 pages offer a huge amount of advice and recommendations.

A growing collection

The “explained to your boss” collection already contains five books tackling current topics such as social media, digital communication, international digital marketing, social selling and “brands and luxury”. In 2017, four additional works on crisis communication, digital strategy, design and franchises are planned.

A book for improving relationships between start-ups and large companies

Start-ups’ capacity for innovation is attractive to large companies. Through acquisition or collaboration, the latter hope to fill a need in their information system and drive forward their R&D. However, sometimes the relationship between a large company and a start-up does not work. Why? What are the factors that unite these two very different worlds? What traps need to be avoided? Is it better to have an internal incubator? What type of relationship should be preferred, from partnership to corporate venturing?

Specially dedicated to start-uppers, innovation managers and the M&A of large corporations and investment funds, this book answers all these questions and offers user kits and essential recommendations for building a win-win relationship.

The details of the book can be found on the publisher’s website.

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