Every year, thousands of start-ups are born. Yet only 40% of them survive beyond five years. The RateandGo rating service, designed by exaegis, has finally produced a precise classification of business projects and their viability. The key benefit is a reduction in financial risk.

The RateandGo rating procedure is quick and easy. The start-up answers a questionnaire of around 50 questions, records three video interviews and, after analysis by an exaegis consultant, receives its RateandGo passport free of charge within 48 hours, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

A genuine reference standard of entrepreneurial best practices

Ratings are produced as a genuine standard of reference, based on books and academic studies identifying entrepreneurial best practices in the areas of strategy, the market targeted, the service offered, the founders, threats and management. The responses are submitted to an algorithm which weights the score according to the stage of development of the start-up being assessed, ensuring maximum adaptability to each situation.

Only the passports of start-ups with a score of over 60% will be sent to you; the other start-ups will be invited to work on their weaknesses and take the test again a few months later.

How to acquire a RateandGo report

You can purchase the full report containing the start-up’s answers, appended documents and video interviews at the unit price of €290 excl. VAT* or by subscription for three reports a month at €590 excl. VAT* / month. The full report for a start-up includes:

  • the funding need: interest-free loan, starter loan, risk capital, development capital;
  • the stage of development: from the idea phase to growth;
  • the maturity score.

* Offer valid until 30 March 2017.

RateandGo, saving precious time and controlling risks

With the RateandGo subscription, you will receive qualified, regular monitoring of the most promising start-ups and all the relevant information you need to make an informed investment based on objective criteria. By recommending start-ups you know to take the RateandGo rating test, you will receive pre-qualification of your files, giving you a full idea of the maturity of their project before you invest in it.

In addition, exaegis offers Startruxt which includes an on-site audit of the start-up, personalised recommendations and specific market research. You can also contact us to organise sourcing appropriate to your investment campaigns.

With RateandGo, benefit from continuous, qualified sourcing of start-ups for maximum efficiency savings.

exaegis, recognised know-how

Since 2011, exaegis, the rating agency in the digital sector, has developed an assessment methodology for SMEs offering multi-year SaaS, IaaS and PaaS contracts via its TRUXT label. It also offers an operational service continuity guarantee, as well as studies, benchmarks and advice in the area of mergers and acquisitions. Exaegis’ different skill sets reinforce the confidence of funders and investors in the digital sector.

In November 2016, exaegis joined the Deloitte Fast 50 ranking, which recognises high-growth technology companies.