At RateAndGo, we like to say that having an idea is good, but it would be silly to spoil it by lacking discipline in how the project is managed.

iconmonstr-quote-5-32  Having an idea is good, but properly implementing your start-up project is better!


This is why we offer start-uppers the chance to measure their company against our rating grid, and to identify the areas where they need to improve their projects and practices. We send them the results and they receive their rating, the RateAndGo passport. For the best reports, we broadcast the ratings obtained to investors and Corporate Accounts in our ecosystem, who are given access to the information sent by the start-ups once we have verified their identity, ensured their confidentiality and received their commitment not to disclose the report.

Of course, the start-up has the right to come back and update its information.

— It’s easy —

speech-bubble-28-32  The co-founders answer the questions in the questionnaire.

video-camera-1-32  They record a video describing their project, business model, and lots of other things.

certificate-4-32  The RateAndGo analysts examine all this and the start-up is given a rating for its strengths and weaknesses.

antenna-6-32  RateAndGo publicises the best ratings for the attention of investors and Corporate Account subscribers.

folder-22-32  Investors and Corporate Accounts can access the information entered by the start-up.

iconmonstr-certificate-2-240  exægis ensures the quality of the investors and Corporate Accounts and manages the confidentiality of the exchanges before sending the start-up’s full report.

iconmonstr-handshake-7-32  The investor or Corporate Account contacts the start-up directly.


… then it’s up to you!


— The rating —

iconmonstr-quote-5-32 Entrepreneurship is not a science or an art form. It’s a practice. – Peter Drucker


The rating consists of the following elements:

iconmonstr-currency-5-32   The type of investment targeted by the start-up

What type of funds are you looking for?

I Interest-free loan
A Starter loan
R Risk capital
D Development capital



light-bulb-6-32   The start-up’s stage of development

Formation – Idea (-2)


An entrepreneurial idea or ambition has been imagined for a product or service whose target market is not yet fully identified or formed.
The way in which the idea might create value is not necessarily fully known. The structure of the team and the skills are not yet determined.
Formation – Conception (-1)


The mission, initial strategic vision and key stages for the coming years, and in particular how to achieve these, have been drawn up. Two or three main co-founders of the company with complementary skills are in place. Additional team members for specific roles have also joined the team.
Validation of concept (0)



The entrepreneurs are committed and have invested personal capital; the skills of the co-founding team are complementary and their roles are defined. The managers share the development vision, values and spirit of the company. The team has developed the initial product or service (or a beta version at least) and has committed resources to it. The co-founders may have signed a shareholders’ agreement, and a document describing the steps, business plan and necessary financial commitments for the next three years is available.
Validation of model (1)


Iterations and tests of the hypotheses have been carried out to demonstrate feasibility and value creation for users of the solution. Initial Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been identified. The start-up may or must begin to attract additional resources through investments or loans.
Structuring of growth (2)


The start-up has put in place the right KPIs for growth based on number of users, customers, revenue and/or market traction and growth of market share. The start-up can and wants to develop rapidly. The start-up will attract significant funding (or would be in a position to do so if it wanted). Recruitment, quality improvement and implementation of processes are becoming crucial points in the organisation.
Acceleration of growth   (3)


The first strong monthly growth levels have been achieved and the indicators are mostly pointing upwards. The start-up is attracting financial resources. According to the vision, mission and commitments, the start-up will continue to grow, often trying to continue culturally “in the manner of a start-up”. Initial moves regarding shareholding and equity are probable.



iconmonstr-dashboard-7-32   The performance maturity score on a scale of 1 to 100

This score results from examining the responses to the questionnaire.

The questionnaire covers 50 questions on the following topics:

§1 – Intention: the strategy, business model, business plan
§2 – The market
§3 – Producing the product and providing the service
§4 – Human Resources
§5 – Threats
§6 – Steering and management

Don’t worry about your answers, the algorithm which issues the score will differ and vary according to the start-up’s stage of development.

Download a specimen RateandGo passport