Creating an innovative company is a vast topic, simultaneously involving legal, economic, strategic and managerial concepts. Here are five books that will help you profit from your peers’ experience, avoid the pitfalls and save time on your analysis.


business-model Business Model Nouvelle génération. Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Pearson

A practical, educational, fun guide with a number of diagrams showing you how to prepare and implement an effective business model. It includes many current examples from large economic groups, to demonstrate the concepts discussed. In particular, the book details the business model creation matrix, the different business types, design thinking, strategy and processes.

Expert’s opinion: A leading work on business plans that will help you launch your company from a solid base.



Backpack, le sac à dos de l’entrepreneur. Margaux Derhy, Louis Carles and Etienne Portais, Maddyness and la Petite Étoile

An original box of tools, impeccably presented and full of humour. This book is full of essential, very practical advice and useful addresses. It is organised into ten chapters covering the issues faced by entrepreneurs, including recruitment, networking and hosting.

Expert’s opinion: a guide for entrepreneurial adventurers!



Le guide du financement, conseils et recettes pour la croissance de votre entreprise. Eric Picarle, BDO France

Playing on the culinary metaphor, this book explains the funding steps for a young company, illustrated with a number of diagrams and tips from entrepreneurs.

Expert’s opinion: Educational recipes from a great chef to help fund your company, enjoy!



Lean Startup, adoptez l’innovation continue. Eric Ries, Pearson

The Lean Startup approach developed by Eric Ries will help you continually adapt your company with regard both to its products and to market developments. This book covers in detail the methodology for establishing continuous innovation in a business.

Expert’s opinion: a cult book about innovation and entrepreneurship that will transform the way you organise your business.



Stratégie pour la création d’entreprise, création, reprise, développement, Robert Papin, Dunod

This very comprehensive book offers an overview of all the issues involved in creating a company. It is organised into six sections: the founder; analysing and testing the idea; designing the project and preparing the funding file; legal, tax and social security issues; managing business development; researching ideas and taking over a business.

Expert’s opinion: A bible from which you can pick and choose advice that will help you understand the legal and financial experts.


These five books offer entrepreneurs all the essential knowledge they need to start a sustainable company. The testimonials, case studies and expert advice contained in these books provide start-uppers with a multitude of best practices to put in place to ensure optimum functioning and to help them build their own entrepreneurial culture.