Innovation is at the heart of your company’s strategy, essential to your role as a Buyer, Chief Digital Officer or IT Director. You would like to introduce or acquire an innovative solution or service that meets your needs. There are multiple start-ups in your market and the number of presentations, interviews and pre-selections is piling up, but you still feel you don’t have the right criteria and you’re not sure you’re aware of all the available solutions.

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RateAndGo: the service

RateAndGo will support you in looking for innovative solutions. You’re attracted by a young business and interested in its concept but reluctant to commit to a company if you’re unsure about its longevity or capacity. Wonder no more, as RateAndGo has devised a rating system based on a questionnaire designed for project leaders. The RateAndGo experts will analyse the start-up in order to measure its maturity and operational capacities. The RateAndGo rating will help you find the right solution and confirm your choice.

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With the RateAndGo rating system, you no longer have to travel to meet project leaders. Time is precious, so avoid wasting it by watching online the videos pre-recorded by the start-uppers, via the RateAndGo recording system. These videos address the central topics surrounding the creation of their business.


— How to make the most of the service —



Do you have start-ups you want to examine?

Send the start-up’s details to RateAndGo. We’ll take care of asking the founder to begin the assessment process. Once the process is complete, you can access the information.
I’d like to request a rating for a start-up.

Do you need a report on a start-up that's already been assessed?Would like to buy the detailed report of a startup already assesed ?

The RateAndGo detailed report includes all the information about the startup scoring. Each performance point, marked from 1 to 5, are summarized in this document very featured, based on the startup answers and a consultant analysis.
It also allows you to watch the 3 videos recorded by the startup and to read each document forwarded.
The detailed report gives you valuable information about the strenghts and weaknesses of the startup and lets you indentify their needs to improve at a glance.
Leave us your contact information, as well as the name of the startup you want to buy the detailed report, and after the validation of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the payment, we will send you its detailed report.
I’d like to buy the detailed report of a startup already assesed.

Do you need a report on a start-up that's already been assessed? Would you like to download the specimen version of the RateAndGo report?

Download the document.