Business Case

Sector of activity: SaaS start-up in the Training Management sector

Size: 2 years in business, turnover of €150K (mainly from consultancy), 8 members of staff

Context: a start-up offering training management services to employees, with an innovative and highly price-competitive offer.

The HR Director of a semi-public organisation, managing 600 members of staff, is interested in the functionalities and ergonomics presented by the young company, promising a rapid ROI. The Purchasing department and the IT department have reached an impasse about confirming the order, as they need to be assured of the supplier’s viability and the future of the solution and the data if the start-up disappears.

Our job: Audit and Rating of the start-up by exaegis, resulting in awarding of the StarTRUXT label. Security for the young start-up and subscription by the customer to the Operational Guarantee. The audit also highlighted the need to introduce an IT continuity plan for the start-up.

Results: After reading the Rating audit report (α2), and reassured by the StarTRUXT label, the customer took out the subscription offered by the start-up for its 600 members of staff.

At the same time, it took out the exægis operational guarantee for its new supplier, to ensure the continuity of services in the worst case scenario. Once the IT Department had given its approval, the financial guarantee of €15m presented by exaegis removed any remaining objections by the “Purchasing Department” and the start-up won its first major contract, worth €112K over three years.

The start-up includes the label endorsement in all its new presentations and presents the Operational Guarantee for all contracts worth over €20K.

Key success factors:

  1. The HR Department was very keen on the solution, as it offered a rapid ROI.
  2. The Rating report highlighted the quality of the business model and the business plan. The operational audit demonstrated the solution’s strong performance capacity. The rating obtained reassured the customer contacts in their choice and the Purchasing Department viewed the supplier more favourably.
  3. The operational audit highlighted the need for the start-up to have an IT continuity plan. A business continuity plan was established as part of the security process, and exægis also provided the start-up with an IT continuity plan.
  4. The exægis Operational Guarantee helped to gain the support of the IT Department for the project, enabling the CISO to approve this new supplier in his continuity plan and above all to be able to take control of the data if the start-up failed.
  5. The exægis reinsurance of €15m removed any remaining doubts about the chain of responsibility represented by the start-up and exægis.